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meraki [may – rah – kee]

doing something with total love and pure soul... It is leaving a little piece of yourself in your creative work

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MERAKI ARTISTS FILMS is an Atlanta-based production company dedicated to producing quality independent films and telling compelling, innovative and character-driven stories. We embrace emotionally-driven, unique and stimulating storytelling – stories that make you think and tales that make you feel.

The company is comprised of freelance professionals, all committed to creating the best projects possible. Together, we produce feature-length films, short films and documentaries.

Our Work

“Brooklyn of the South”

After a newly elected mayor enacts Jim Crow laws in Brooklyn, Mississippi in 1965 – the only town in the south without them - a black woman and a white woman team up to do the unthinkable.

“Summer of ‘72”

An older, Italian, reformed drug addict recalls his life during the summer of 1972 in Hell’s Kitchen, to a troubled, street-kid in hopes of saving him from the same fate.

“Bridges in Beaugarde”

In Mississippi, a young, black mother fights to prove the innocence of her ten-year old, biracial daughter after she is accused of murdering one of her white classmates.

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MERAKI ARTISTS FILMS is headed by Ashley P. Jones. Ashley is a screenwriter, producer and actress with over ten years of film and television experience. In 2006, Ashley began her acting career in New York City and continued pursuing her passion in Atlanta, Georgia. She eventually found a love for being behind the camera as well and has honed her talents in writing and producing over the years.

Beginning as a production assistant in 2009 for an Atlanta-based production company, Bark-Bark, LLC, Ashley was able to learn and grow, and quickly became office coordinator and then production coordinator. Her notable clients included Lifetime, USA, PBS, Nickelodeon and Sprout TV.

In 2012, Ashley started APJ Productions, a production company whose productions included the 2013 short film, Bridges in Beaugarde. She served as executive producer, writer and actress in the film. A few years later, APJ Productions rebranded and became Meraki Artists Films.